ZCO's Q2 Newsletter

ZCO's Q2 Newsletter


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Well, we can't really call this newsletter a week hey? I think this one counts as a whole month and a bit instead. A whole quarter, even.

Hi, I'm Noira one of the co-founders of ZCO (and also a talent, imagine!), and let me indulge you in our chockful of updates.

Nomad Series Apex

We collaborated with Nomad Series Production to bring Nomad Series Apex to life. All team slots were filled up quite quickly, with a total of 20 squads and more than 60 players. Many friends and rivals were made, and two of ZCO's talents were involved:

  • KiraKiraKat was a feature who hosted the pre-show and took the spotlight for half-time.

  • Ishy Tanuki was one of the main hosts for the whole event!

Technological limits and innovation for an indie-produced eSports event were tested, which included showcasing in-game voice communications of squads amid adrenaline-packed shoutcasting, and a content plan that rivals even major eSports tournaments! Congratulations to the squad Figures in Red for winning, and be sure to check out the Twitter hashtag #NomadSeriesAPEX to relive the experience.

A Snapshot of Our Talents

So we've started with a talent roster of three (including me), and of course you'd be wondering what's been up ever since ZCO decided to support them. Please don't mind me talking in third-person:

  • Ishy Tanuki has been productive with numerous projects on top of her first time being a host for an event. NSGreed, which was a VRising project, brought a lot of content creators together to roleplay and beat each other up, and now she's leading the forefront of #DrifterLife. #DrifterLife is an RP Minecraft server that's directed towards content creation, and it's opening up this 8th of July. If you're a content creator, you can join in too!

  • KiraKiraKat got to 7,000 followers on Twitter and successfully held a raffle for DiabloIV in collaboration with Gank. In the midst of being busy featuring for NomadSeriesApex, we're also proud that she still dropped by Makati Pride to show support ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ. She was also at CONQuest Festival 2023, where she hosted her first official meet and greet!

  • Noira has reached 2,000 followers on both Twitter and Twitch recently, with her (mad bait) post blowing up. Her consistency on all content avenues is showing results despite having a 2-week vacation in the midst โ€” she still managed to hit all her personal performance metric goals for the end of this second quarter!

Talent Management Slots, Opening Up!

It's been a while now and we're finally confident enough to bring in more talents into our freelance management. So, if you're a content creator and feel like you need some background support with your operations, be sure to follow us on Twitter to be in the know of when our intakes start!

Consultations Price Increase

If you've talked to our past clients or have been keeping up with the testimonials that they've been dropping, you'd know that we provide truly above and beyond for our consultations. On top of the 1-hour session itself, we also provide a summary of the whole discussion and additional pointers from further assessment. Despite being no-bullshit (sorry for the lack of better wording), we're very much invested in our clients. Even if it's just a one-time thing (lol). So, to keep this level of quality sustainably, we've decided to hire additional help for transcribing and summarising, thus explaining the slight bump in pricing.

All of this, on top of whatever we updated you guys on via the previous newsletter. Quite the exciting quarter, huh?

..and that's it for these months! Catch you on the next newsletter โœจ

- Noira

Zone Check One (ZCO) is a freelance agency that provides consultation, management, and production services for digital entertainment. Our creative team values honesty and sustainability as we work towards solutions. We achieve this by questioning the status quo, prioritizing authenticity, and maintaining integrity. Find out more about us on www.zonecheck.one.