ZCO's Q3 Newsletter (and a bit)

ZCO's Q3 Newsletter (and a bit)


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Hello, it’s ZCO’s CFO a.k.a sea fox here. Get it?

It’s been a while since the last update, hasn’t it? Well, the ZCO team has been very busy now that we have new talents on our roster! A lot of restructuring and tidying up for this year’s third quarter, on top of a lot of good news for sure.

There’s only so much you can do to anticipate sudden growth, right? But hey, check out the stuff that happened in our Q3 (and a bit over, because why not)!

Management & Consultations

We did an X (Twitter) post early in October to showcase our management and consultation services, did you get to see it? Thanks to it, we were able to meet many new people who inquired about we do!

This resulted in many wanting to commission our management services, but as usual — we always recommend one-off consultations first before deciding for management. They’re much cheaper, and without that 3-month commitment!

We’d like to give huge thanks to everyone who commissioned our consultation services. There were some delays due to the spike, but every client was very patient with us until we sorted it out. This experience made us reevaluate our current operations and structures for the better!


With the help of our new residents at the ZCO quarters (cough Morte and Loons), we went down a rabbit hole to rethink our ways. Thus, we’ve now emerged stronger with established standards, baseline metrics, and workflows that’re much more sustainable for both talent management and consultations. I’m sure that if you ask our current talents, they would give a nod to it too!

We now also provide updates every once in a while on our Twitter (X) in regards to the statuses of our services, so that you know what to expect before contacting us. Look out for them on our page!

Creative Management

I think this often goes under the radar, but did you know ZCO also provides editing services? We currently have two specialized editors under us, being Vaxias for shorts edits, and Vezdoor for long-form and vlog edits.

Don’t know what narrative to build? We got that covered too! Our managers will help you figure out the direction for your edit and also keep your delivery date on track. We know how it is juggling everything as a content creator, trust.

A ZCO eSports team?

Would you believe it — ZCO is now affiliated with an eSports team? Exactly on the 1st of October (I know, that’s Q4 but let’s include it anyway) the team #NotFed now champions for ZCO! As an Apex Legends team, they’ve been crowned as Invicta PH champions, made it through as quarterfinalists on ALGS Challenger Circuit, and placed third in NSApex.

As we thoroughly believe in competitive environments and also love event management for eSports, I think it was going to happen eventually. When you see ZCO’s brand around for Apex Legends tournaments, don’t cheer for us!

Talents Highlights

Hope these updates gave you a nice quick overview of what’s been going on at ZCO. We’ll see you at the next newsletter?

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