ZCO's Week #1

Welcome to ZCO's first blogpost! Are you bored of us saying that we’re a freelance agency for content creators who need consulting, management, and production help? Well, tough luck. Hehe.

These past two weeks have been quite the crazy ride, from our first event presence to our launch stream. We’re excited to finally embark on our journey, and we’re bringing you along with us!

We plan to update with these sort of posts every two weeks, so you can get an update on what we've been up to.


On April 22, 2023, we attended the ONLive Vtuber convention in the Philippines with our booth and talent KiraKiraKat. We were initially unsure if people would be interested in our consultation and talent management services, but as the event progressed, we made some meaningful connections. Multiple people approached us inquiring what it is that we do, and also checked out our name cards and standees!

The agenda of ONLive featured some informative talks by Dasu, MaddieVT, Kirakirakat, and Kometa's CEO GIRA. Additionally, Jay Agonoy talked about VTuber security and safety. The performances by the VTubing community were also enjoyable, and we got to see special guests like Nyaruchuuu from Shirayuri Productions.

Overall, it was a great experience, and we hope to attend more conventions in the future and share our stories as Zone Check One. Maybe if you’re in the Philippines, you’d be able to catch us!

ZCO Launch Stream

On the 29th of April, we had our launch stream which showcased our services and the personalities behind the scenes. If you missed it, here are some of the questions that were asked during the stream, giving you a peek into the people behind ZCO!

Q. If there is a word that can describe your aesthetic or your general branding vibes, what would it be?

KIRAKIRAKAT: Everything about me is basically sparkly. People see the sparkle, the glitter, the glam, the highlights.. and they'll be blinded. If it's really one thing I can define as the kirakira aspect, I really want to be a shining light not only to myself but to people like my family, friends, and hopefully to other people like my starlings and people who watch my streams.

NOIRA: I put in ‘escapism’ on my bio and it’s not for naught. Because I think for me, I have a lot of responsibilities in real life or in general. There's always a lot of people looking for me, for one or the other reason, and I think that when you’re that busy, you just kind of need to get away every once in a while and escape, or just get away really. So that one word for me would be escapism, and I think if you see my content, you can already kind of see that.

ISHY: I guess mine would be chaos, organized chaos is how I want to explain it. It's like the kind of chaos that is refreshing but not overwhelming. Do things that are of the same coin but different sides and I kind of want to express that, like I’m a gremlin but I’m also smart (heh smort).

Q. Of all of the services you will provide, what would you think is a service that clients would like to avail?

VIN: For me honestly, I think consultations is where it’s at. It is probably the easiest entry to a lot of things. You don't have to come in to get all of the beautiful sparkles of production events, getting support for that, finding editors, stuff like that. It is more important to get your core, your base, when it comes to our services. So consultations, we have two versions of that, we have one that comes with a brand strategy plan to get you set up and we have regular consultations to kind of address your concerns, whatever you may have or if you're just starting out and you want to figure out what’s the best way to enter the scene or you’re unsure about how to proceed.

Q. What made you want to create a management agency?

NOIRA: For me, I think in general, I’ve always wanted to have a creative agency like in real life, but when I started to get into VTubing and looked at the whole VTubing thing, it’s crazy the amount of potential and untapped potential that's there and like why would you want to settle for IRL things if you have VTubers to be a creative agency for? Like can you imagine all of the branding strategies you can apply to that? There’s like a lot of things you can try out.

VIN: On my end, for the people who’ve known me for a long time, I feel like I have an endless pool of ideas that I’ve always wanted to show, give to people. But I’ve always tried to channel it to myself and I realized. You know, these are ideas that always do better with others. I’ve always been a creative powerhouse in a lot of things. From production to just in general- art direction. So most of the time it kind of just ends up last with just me, right. Over time, you know, talking to people, eventually shooting ideas here and there, not seeing things come to plan, I’ve just decided to be like, “All right, it’s time. It’s time to manage.” And that’s how it started off with Noira and then eventually I needed someone to be with me. Having a management agency, you need a team, right? And I needed someone to be on that team.

Q. At what point in their content creation life/career/time would you recommend that potential clients work with you?

KIRAKIRAKAT: That’s a really good question, because you know, that’s one of the things why I came into having management to be involved because I feel like I have all of the elements of what I want to do and where I want to go to but I kind of don’t have that kind of support in terms of direction or like maybe time management, right? Because it’s very hard when you’re juggling a lot of things in real life or as a talent and that’s kind of one of the things that’s really, really difficult to do in that situation, right? And it’s very difficult when I have ADHD brain and it’s like “What are we doing today? Right, I forgot this!” or like “Am I going to do this or this or this. What do I do next?” I feel like I'm kind of going in cycles of what I want to do, but then not being able to do them type of roadblock. That’s why I'm kind of super thankful for having management and things like that.

ISHY: Short story, you know what you want, but don’t know how to get there or when you know what you want, you know how to get there, but you don’t have the resources to do so or need guidance on how to get the resources to do so. Because that’s essentially what’s happening with me right now. I know what I want, I know a little bit of how to get there, but I need help with the execution.

Talent Lineup

Who're these people we've been mentioning throughout this whole post? We got you.

Ishy Tanuki

Ishy Tanuki is an alchemist witch who gives their viewers their prescribed weekly dose of comfy gremlin energy. With fluffy ears and tail paired with a soothing voice, you would never guess that this tanuki is notorious for ascending minecraft chimkens and horses to heaven. Despite having the screams of a banshee, Ishy is a tanuki who enjoys singing along with drawing and playing games.


Have you ever met a Sparkling 5D Magical girl who coexists in both reality and virtual dimensions? Meet Kirakirakat, the lovely magical girl who has various talents! She’s an event host, a performer, a voice actor, an artist — is there anything she can’t do? Let her capture your hearts as she sparkles through your world, I know she definitely captured mine!


Noira is not only one of our amazing talents but also one of the founders of Zone Check One. This badass sea fox is known for her huge simping energy for 2D men and a voice that makes everyone just kneel to the ground. Her escapism usually consists of a variety of streams such as playing video games, talking about life and role-playing. Would you play with this feisty sea fox?

Quite the two weeks to summarize, ain’t it? It’s just starting for us, and we’re excited to share more for the coming days. We already have some clients lined up, so maybe they’ll have some stories to share too!

See you in the next Zone!

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